LGBT celebrities who came out Later Than You Think

Hollywood has changed a lot since the days of old. Celebrities coming out as homosexuals used to be scandalous, but now it's something to celebrate. All the celebrities listed on this list have come out since the year 2000.

For some of the people on this list, that seems way later than you thought. You probably didn't know they were gay. Continue reading to discover which LGBT stories went under the radar.

Kristian Nairn

Back in 2014, Kristian Nairn, the actor who played Hodor on Game of Thrones, came out to the public as gay. Nairn said to a Game of Thrones fan site: "I have never hidden my homosexuality, in fact I've done so my entire life. And I've waited for someone in an interview to ask me about it, because it's not a thing you just say out loud. I've tried to lead the questions a few times, to no avail."

Kristian is an open book as far as he's concerned.