A hairstyle suitable for the queen at a royal wedding

When it is the royal wedding, it's all about glam regardless of whether the bride is married or not. This means that everything, even hairstyles, are flawless and has been done according to the standard of, well, queens! Some hairstyles, such as the princess's hairstyle and crown ensembles without veil are more famous.

From loose curls to huge ballerina buns, here are some of the best royal wedding hairstyles.

Kate Middleton's unique Half-Down Style that isn't traditional

The norm is for royal brides to have their hair in an updo style. However, Duchess Kate Middleton decided to go against tradition for her wedding, opting for half-up, half-down hairstyle with loose curls.

According to royal reporter Ashley Pearson, "[it's] her most preferred style to wear it, and is actually William's favorite as well. They ultimately compromised on her appearance."