15 Items You Must Always Have On Hand To Make Healthy Foods

It's been just over a month since the start of the new year and a majority of people have given up on their gym or diet. We're here to offer some motivation. One of the best ways to be healthy is to eat well. While you can try to find healthy choices in restaurants it's always best to cook at home. It's the only way to be in control of the food you eat and how much. If you're new when it comes cooking there are 15 essential items you should have always in your kitchen for healthy food items.

1. AvocadoYou might be tired of avocado toast, but it's still good for your health. It's a rich source of healthy fats, and goes with almost everything. You can put it on toast, or make it a part of salads, guacamole, or even have it for a snack.