People dressed up for Halloween because they thought everyone would.

All Hallow's Day is coming back. While the celebration of Halloween is primarily an American thing however, it is slowly beginning to reach the same amount of celebration in other countries all over the world. Halloween is the time to enjoy costumes, trick-or-treating, horror movies, and just having fun. If everyone adheres to the guidelines.

There are some people who aren't interested in dressing up, and sometimes it's even part of an elaborate prank designed to force only one person to show up in a costume.

While it's certainly fun for everyone involved aside from the person who dresses up but you think you'll be next year's victim.

This is a situation that requires retribution.

The awkwardness of this kind of situation is mainly due to the fear of being noticed. People who stand out typically get focused on, and it could lead to what is known as the tall poppy syndrome.

This basically comes down to wanting to see the tall poppy fall.

If we think that someone is getting more credit than is deserved and we think that they deserve more, we're not kind people. Dressing them up to work is a sure way to make them feel less valued.

Although many people agree there is a chance that not everyone at work dress up for Halloween.

While this type of scenario doesn't necessarily occur due to malice, there is the whole aspect that people often think it is.

You might feel rejected or devalued if placed in a situation that will make you make a statement.

This kind of behavior is only acceptable for Halloween. It's possible to do it if you hate anyone who is really bad. I'm not going to judge however, others could.